Who we are


Welcome to Need India Career Institute – NICI

Need India Career Institute is a premiere training and skill development institution headquartered at Amritsar, Punjab. Established in 2010, NICI today has more than 10 centres for skill development in and around Amritsar. NICI has recently completed 5 years of service to the community.

NICI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute with a focus on building high growth careers for students by providing them with skills in the field of Fashion Designing, Beautician, Computers and English Speaking & Writing. We provide great placement opportunities and career growth avenues owing to our strong integration with the industry locally. We are dedicated to enable students to understand the complexities of a working environment and help them in handling their jobs competently and effectively. With skills gained from NICI, students today are able to build real life solutions for both personal and professional lives.

Always keeping an eye on the needs of the community and changing Industry trends, NICI has introduced a gamut of courses via the distance education mode which include various certificate/diploma/degree courses of various recognized universities in India in the field of Information Technology, Management Education etc. These certifications & degrees will provide high growth opportunities to students across the country. 

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